March 23, 2023

“The Art of Crafting a Winning Blog Post Title: A Guide to Standing Out on Google”


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crafting a winning blog post title. Creating a fascinating and attention-grabbing title is a crucial aspect of blogging and content writing. The first thing that any potential reader sees is your title, and it can make or break your blog’s success. In the following sections, we will discuss some of the best strategies to help you create an engaging blog post title that stands out on Google.

1. Start with a Working Title:

Crafting an eye-catching headline starts with a rough draft, also known as a working title. It acts as a guide for you to focus on the main topic throughout your blog post and helps you to ensure that it has relevance to your content and search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. A working title is subject to change as you proceed with research or write the content.

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2. Be Unique:

There is an abundance of online content, and your aim is to stand out from others. Being unique and original is your key to success. Try to create a title that is different from others, even if it falls in the same niche. Using a unique angle or catchphrase will help you to leave a lasting impression on your readers.

3. Include Keywords:

Keywords play a significant role in ranking your blog post on Google. You can use Google AdWords or Keyword Tool to find out trending and most searched for keywords in your niche. Once you have determined the keywords, include them in your title. Don’t add too many keywords into one title, as it will make it look spammy.

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4. Keep It Short and Sweet:

Long titles can look overwhelming and are generally not preferred by readers. Keep your title short and sweet, but also ensure that it is clear and descriptive enough to catch the attention of your readers.

5. Utilize Numbers:

Including numbers in your title can be an excellent way to attract readers. It indicates that your blog post is well-organized and provides a list of information or steps, which can make it more informative and engaging.

6. Use Emotional Triggers:

Creating an emotional impact through your title can lead to more clicks. By using emotional triggers, you can evoke emotions in your readers, making them more likely to want to read your content. Some examples of emotional trigger words include “surprising,” “shocking,” “astonishing,” or “unbelievable.”

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7. Make it Punny:

Humor is always a perk, even in blog titles. It can be an excellent way to grab a reader’s attention and make them curious enough to read your content. However, make sure that the pun does not compromise the clarity and relevance of your blog post.


1. What makes a good blog post title?
A good blog post title is a combination of being unique, short, descriptive, and keyword-rich. It should make use of numbers, emotional triggers, and puns to grab a reader’s attention.

2. How important is the title in a blog post?
The title is crucial in a blog post as it is the first thing a reader sees. If it is not interesting, accurate, or concise, they may not click on it, which will impact your blog’s traffic and success.

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3. Can I change my blog post title after publishing it?
Yes, you can change your blog post title after publishing it. However, keep in mind that it may impact your SEO ranking, so avoid changing it frequently.

4. How many keywords should I include in my blog post title?
It is advisable to use one to two keywords in your blog post title to make it more relevant to your content. Too many keywords can make it appear spammy.

5. Should I use headlines or titles in my blog post?
Headlines and titles both refer to the same thing when it comes to blog posts. You can use either or both, but ensure that your content is organized and informative.

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6. How can I use emotional triggers in my blog post title?
You can use emotional triggers such as awe, joy, surprise, fear, or curiosity in your title, depending on the tone and purpose of your blog post.

7. What is the ideal length for a blog post title?
A blog post title should not exceed 70 characters, as anything more than that may get truncated on search engines.


Crafting a winning blog post title may seem daunting at first, but by following these tips and tricks, you can create an engaging and informative title that sets you apart from others and ensures a steady stream of traffic to your blog. Remember to keep it unique, emotional, short, and targeted, utilizing numbers, puns, and keywords in a concise and clear title. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and also, use this guide as a reference to ensure that your titles attain maximum optimization, engaging your readers even before they start reading the content. Happy Blogging!

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