March 27, 2023

How Much is Ron Harrison Worth? A Look at the Net Worth of the Legendary Coach


Ron Harrison, a legendary basketball coach, has made significant contributions to the basketball world. He is widely known for his exceptional coaching skills that have helped numerous teams achieve successful results. With such an extensive career in coaching, it’s natural to wonder, “How much is Ron Harrison worth?” In this blog post, we will explore the net worth of the coach and why he is worth that much. We will investigate and answer some frequently asked questions about Ron Harrison’s life.

Early Life and Career

Ron Harrison was born on July 31, 1948, in Louisville, Kentucky. He grew up in a family of 12 children, where basketball was an integral part of their lives. Ron played basketball at Male High School, where he was an outstanding player. After graduating from high school, Harrison attended Georgetown College in Kentucky, where he played basketball and baseball.

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After finishing his undergraduate degree, Harrison began his coaching career as an assistant coach at Georgetown College. Later, he became the head coach, where he spent 14 seasons and led the basketball team to numerous victories. With his impressive coaching skills, Harrison was recruited as an assistant coach at the University of Kentucky in 1985, where he also served as an analyst for ESPN.

Career Achievements and Net Worth

Ron Harrison has had an incredible coaching career. He has coached high school and college basketball teams, including Georgetown College, University of Kentucky, and Union College. During his coaching career, Harrison has won many titles, including a national championship with Georgetown College in 1998 and a high school state championship in Kentucky.

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Although the net worth of Ron Harrison is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. However, it’s essential to note that his wealth is not entirely derived from coaching, but from other business ventures, speaking engagements, and book sales.

Business Ventures and Other Income Sources

Ron Harrison has ventured into several businesses outside the basketball world. He co-founded a publishing company that publishes books on sports and is also an active motivational speaker. Harrison’s books feature his recollection of his coaching experiences, outlining his coaching style and the principles that helped him succeed as a coach. His publications have been successful, earning him a vast fan base and credibility in the sports industry, which has increased his net worth significantly.

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Additionally, Harrison is also a highly sought-after motivational speaker, where he discusses various topics such as leadership, teamwork, and motivation. Through his public speaking events, he has had the opportunity to share his coaching experiences and knowledge with people around the world. His public speaking events bring in a considerable income that contributes to his net worth.

FAQs about Ron Harrison

1. What is Ron Harrison’s net worth?

Ron Harrison’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, which is a cumulative figure of his coaching earnings, publishing royalties, and speaking engagements.

2. What colleges did Ron Harrison coach basketball?

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Harrison coached basketball at Georgetown College in Kentucky and served as a coach and analyst at the University of Kentucky.

3. What professional achievements does Ron Harrison have?

Ron Harrison has won several titles and awards during his coaching career. He won a national championship with Georgetown College in 1998 and a high school state championship in Kentucky in 2011.

4. What other areas of business has Ron Harrison ventured into?

Ron Harrison has ventured into the publishing business, where he co-founded a publishing company that produces books on sports. He is also a popular motivational speaker who delivers speeches on various topics.

5. How many books has Ron Harrison authored?

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Ron Harrison has authored five books that primarily feature his coaching experiences, outlining his coaching style and principles, motivation, and leadership.

6. Is Ron Harrison still coaching?

No, Ron Harrison is retired from coaching and has ventured into other lucrative businesses.

7. Where can one book Ron Harrison for a speaking engagement?

You can contact Ron Harrison through his agents or book him through his official website.


In conclusion, Ron Harrison’s immense wealth is attributed to his successful coaching career, several businesses, public speaking engagements, and publishing royalties. His net worth, estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, has been attained through years of dedication, hard work, and commitment to his profession. Aspiring coaches can learn a lot from Harrison’s coaching principles and success stories, which are outlined in his books. It’s not surprising that Ron Harrison is considered a legendary coach in the basketball world, given his track record and achievements.

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