March 25, 2023

“7 Expert Tips for Creating a Killer Blog Title That Grabs Attention and Ranks on Google”


Have you ever clicked on a blog post just because the title was too hard to ignore? It’s fair to say that an eye-catching title is the first step to creating a successful blog post. One that not only grabs people’s attention but also ranks high on Google. Crafted to perfection, your blog title will be the deciding factor for a reader to continue reading your blog post. And let’s not forget the magic of a great blog title for SEO.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Who are you writing for? Knowing who your audience is helps refine your blog’s topics and titles. Think about the issues that keep your target readers up at night while drafting a title that stands out. Use long-tail keywords to specify your niche audience and understand what they expect from your content.

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2. Keep It Short and Sweet

The perfect blog title is one that is brief but communicates the essence of your blog post. Keep it under 70 characters so that it’s easy to share on social media platforms. A concise title will be more memorable, and its impact will last longer.

3. Use Eye-Catching Adjectives

Using adjectives in your blog title can actually make it more interesting. Try using emotionally charged words like “amazing,” “mind-blowing,” or “life-changing” to capture readers’ attention. But don’t overdo it. Using too many adjectives can make a title feel click-bait-y.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Including time-bound words and phrases like “now,” “today,” or “in 2022” creates a sense of urgency, which persuades readers to click and read. Urgency can make a significant difference in click rates, so try to incorporate the feeling of FOMO wherever you can.

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5. Leverage Numbers & Lists

Titles with numbers or lists are a clear indication of what readers can expect from your blog post. They also add value by breaking down your topic into more manageable chunks, which makes the blog post easier to read and understand.

6. Put Your Keywords to Work

Use your long-tail SEO keywords in your blog title. This helps your blog to rank higher on Google results pages for the specific topic. Remember that your title should not be a collection of keywords crammed together. Keep it conversational, and ensure the keywords are naturally integrated.

7. Brainstorm, Refine, and Test

Brainstorm various title options for each blog post and choose the most compelling one. Refine your options using the above tips, identify the most persuasive one and test its strength by checking its click-through rates. Make any necessary changes and proceed to publish the most satisfactory result.

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Q. What are long-tail keywords?
A. Long-tail keywords are search phrases that are more specific or refined than short-tail keywords. They contain three to four keywords that target a particular niche audience or topic.

Q. How does a good blog post title impact SEO?
A. An attention-grabbing blog title can increase click-through rates and improve overall SEO scores. When readers engage with the content, it reduces bounce rates (people clicking on your blog but leaving immediately), which, in turn, signals Google that the content is useful to the reader.

Q. Can I use questions in my blog post titles?
A. Of course! Using questions in your blog post titles is a great way of catching your readers’ attention. It piques readers’ curiosity and shows that you understand their line of thought.

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Q. Can I use puns in my titles?
A. Puns aren’t for everyone but, if executed well, they can be incredibly attention-grabbing. There are chances that some readers may not understand them, but a well-placed joke can be a great way of breaking the ice.

Q. How long should my blog post title be?
A. Your title should be brief and to the point – less than 70 characters, if possible. That way, it can be shared on social media without getting truncated.

Q. Should I write the blog post first or come up with a title first?
A. You can do either, but it often helps to start with a title. It sets the tone for your writing and ensures that your content is on point.

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Q. What if I’m stuck and can’t come up with a good blog title?
A. Try generating blog title ideas using tools such as Hubspot’s Blog Topics Generator, Ahref’s Headline Generator, or Portent’s Content Idea Generator.


Creating catchy blog titles takes time and effort, but the results are well worth it. Remember to think across your audience interests and create a sense of urgency to persuade people to click on your post. It is vital to use long-tail keywords in your blog titles to rank higher on Google. Remember, your blog title can make or break your readership. Ensure that you craft a title that engages your readers, keeps them interested, and delivers value. Happy blogging!

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